Bad Habits You Need to Stop After 40

May 22, 2021



Changing habits after 40 is possible, but eliminating bad habits comes directly from the body, even before the mind. Because after 40, it is easier to perceive a series of physiological changes that the body communicates through evolving sensations and symptoms.

After 40, the effects of some bad habits begin to manifest; specific pathologies such hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, more acute symptoms of menopause and depression are just some of them.

Do you want to be fabulous in middle age? Please keep reading to found out more about bad habits and how to ditch them.

What do bad habits mean?

Bad habits are subtle because, being things we have been doing automatically for a very long time, we are not aware of their existence. They do not cause immediate damage; on the contrary, they satisfy needs.

But, the consequences of bad habits will present themselves over the years, often after 40, making it impossible to reverse the situation. It may be too late to change them.

Living better is everyone’s desire, but how to do it in practice? If you want to develop good habits, look at the bad habits to avoid.

We can add up every little gesture, and the result is that habits, whether good or bad, have a fundamental influence on our lives.

How bad habits affect the quality of your life after 40?

Bad habits can poison your life and speed up the ageing process. These are behaviours that make you unhappy, waste precious time and ruin your mental and fiscal health.

What are the worst bad habits after 40

bad habits are easy to pick up

1) #Gossip

Talking about others is an old toxic habit, and some people dedicate a large part of their lives to the lives of others. Unfortunately, many people have this deadly habit, including middle-aged people.

But if you spend your time talking about others when you are in charge of your life? When will you find time to focus on your goals? There is a link between gossip and low self-esteem. People who gossip are envious and dissatisfied with their life.

In addition, people who spread rumours about others can appear judgmental, insecure and not trustworthy.

How to change the habit of gossiping?

When you meet friends, colleagues, or relatives, you can talk about a character in a book, movie, or television series instead of talking about real people.

This new behaviour will generate the same pleasure of gossip, with the difference that it will not harm others. It can also help improve memory, as the gossiper will have to remember different details about the characters, plot, etc.

2) #Complain

Complaining is the favourite sport in several countries, which complaints about the weather, the government, the husband, the boss, the relatives.

People who complain do not want to face the problem; instead of stagnating in permanent lament and not finding a way out, we must ask ourselves what result we want to achieve. Dealing with challenges allows us to grow.

When we complain, our interlocutor can express sympathy and comfort us. Still, if this behaviour is repetitive, no one will give more importance to “complaints”. When you need to talk to someone, you are unlikely to find anyone who wants to hear from you.

How to stop complaining?

Personal self-responsibility is the cure for the complaint. Face the problem, admit your responsibilities. It is not always bad luck or the fault of the other.

Visualize your life without this problem; how could it be? Is it worth changing?

Before looking for solutions, we need to know exactly what the problem is. An excellent way to define a problem is to ask what it consists of, where it appears, how and why it happens …

Set long and short term goals. Start with small goals; when you have solved them, acknowledge your ability to do so and move on to the next goal.

Over time, your self-confidence will increase, and your plan will get closer and closer to being achieved.

3) #Intoxicate the body

Several everyday behaviours damage our immune system. Bad habits make the body more vulnerable to disease.

Some of the most dangerous bad habits are poor diet, alcohol, drugs, excess and medication, sedentary lifestyle, chronic stress, negative emotions.

Initially, we do not realize that these behaviours are harmful, but the consequences will appear over time.

The question is, how do you want to grow old?

Healthy habits are the basis of a healthy lifestyle. It remains to develop good habits and change bad ones.

To adopt a healthier lifestyle, you don’t necessarily have to work hard or accept significant changes. Sometimes it takes very little to make a difference.

Want to know more about how to change bad habits after 40? And how refreshing is this attitude to your life? Click here, have a look.

4) #Wasting time on social media  

Spending a lot of time visiting social media is new but on the rise. Connecting to social networks without a goal consumes the most accurate amount of time available.

Opening your Facebook, Instagram, or email feed is one way to compensate for boredom or relieve stress, but it can be harmful. We want to spend more and more time that can lead to an addiction.

Moreover, the propensity to compare one’s life with one’s social “friends” can have adverse effects concerning self-esteem. The problem is mainly to try to find continuously, in the lives of others, or a starting point to compare one’s own life and personal experiences.

But the new forms of communication offer us various opportunities. It is up to us to use it in our favour. The network allows us to make new acquaintances, often making sure we deviate from everyday problems.

Furthermore, for many people, especially the most introverted, virtual communication is more straightforward than communicating face-to-face.

Precisely in this last historical period due to the pandemic, from Covid19, we have experienced how essential the network can become.

How to detoxify social networks
  • Make your life more stimulating and exciting by setting new goals for yourself.
  • Plan your time. Establish a maximum time to devote to online activities at specific times.
  • Check how much time you spend on social media; perhaps this is one reason you procrastinate and fail to complete your projects.
  • Try to follow the contents/people that add value to your life. Stop following superfluous people.

5) #Stop learning

Middle-aged people tend to be less flexible; half a century of life can seem like a lot. People can assume that they have learned everything they need.

However, the modern world is changing rapidly; we cannot expect to solve all of life’s complex problems with outdated tools. If we want to overcome obstacles in the best possible way, we must learn new strategies.

Also, learning new things always gives us a new curiosity, gives us the proper sensitivity and makes us unique.

Finally, we live in a historical period where it is possible to access new knowledge free of charge (almost always) anywhere on the planet through cell phones and the Internet.

Why not take advantage of this?

There are tons of online courses of all kinds on the Internet, even on highly sought-after professions. Open Culture is one of my favourites.

6) #Holding On to Grudges and hatred

Hate is a negative emotion that we feel when someone has misbehaved and hurt us. Bearing a grudge, however, does not solve problems; on the contrary, it makes us unhappy and makes us suffer.

Resentful people who hate someone are lonely. They are considered unpleasant, difficult to relate to and tend to speak ill of others.

How to overcome hatred and resentment?

To eliminate old hatred and hatred, we must consider them as real wounds. What do we do when we get hurt? We protect the damage and heal it.

In fact, forgiving is the decision to give up and choose a new path of freedom. Forgiveness is not a courageous but necessary choice; it is a challenge for ourselves. It is a pleasant possibility for those who want greater peace.

Forgiving does not mean reconciling or pretending that nothing has happened. It is accepting what has happened, recognizing each one’s role and deciding to break free.

“Holding on to anger and resentment is like holding a burning ember to throw it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned.” Budda

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