Change Habits In Middle Age And Your Life Will Drastically Improve

April 24, 2021



How to change habits in middle age? Many of us know that changing habits after 40 may not be an easy task for most people due to several factors. However, to have more health and quality of life, some things must be left aside and consider adopting new habits.

Do you want to know more about this subject and understand why changing habits after 40 and how important this attitude is for your life?

To continue reading this post and understand how some change in your life can generate significant benefits!

Why is the process of change habits in middle age usually so tricky?

If you have tried to change some of your ingrained habits, you have probably noticed that this is difficult, even if it is for our good, and might significantly impact our lives.

Whether to adopt a healthier and more regulated diet, put physical exercise as part of the activities, or get rid of some addiction, everything requires a lot of effort and dedication.

Why change behaviours or habits and son arduous? Here are some of the main reasons:
Assume negative reasons for the change

This may not always be functional or lasting. Therefore, the first step is to find a positive motivation; do not focus on “all or nothing”: this means that even if you win something, you still have the feeling of defeat, which does not generate lasting change.

Attempt to think about the future, imagine the benefits, dream big. The greater your satisfaction with the changes, the easier it will be to change old habits.

Be in a hurry

Plan for a gradual change, start with simple habits to gain self-confidence and motivation to change habits. If you want to start practising physical exercises, for example, set a smaller goal and increase as progress is noticeable.

Try to make many changes at once

To achieve change in your life, you need attention, self-control and motivation. When trying to do many of them simultaneously, we end up being overloaded, which does not generate good results. Take your time, but do not neglect any step, as this will compromise the success of your program.

Forget that failure serves to guide our path

If you want to change some habits in middle age, you need to be aware that failures happen and should be used as a learning experience to know what needs more attention in this process.

Remember “when a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower”. ( A. Den Heijer)

Do not see change as a commitment

Know that you have to commit to the change; otherwise, nothing will happen. So try to be firm and sure of what and how you are going to do it.

Why change habits after 40?

If you want to change some habits in middle age, you need to be aware that failures happen and should be used as a learning experience to know what needs more attention in this process.
old habit vs new habits

When you are in “middle age”, you summarize what you did, but above all, you look ahead, scanning the horizon and wondering what awaits you, and you understand that something has to change!

After the forties, a series of questions make our lives need to undergo several reformulations for our organism to function correctly. For example, we try to eat healthier, based on vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, we can improve metabolism, which slows down over the years.

Moreover, many women, for the first time, began to seriously think about adopting a healthier lifestyle, perhaps exercising to improve their health.

Regarding the healthy lifestyle in middle age, American research claims that: “They found that women who practiced four or five of the healthy habits at age 50 lived an average of 34.4 more years free of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer, compared to 23.7 healthy years among women who practiced none of these healthy habits“. 

Changing some habits in middle age makes it possible to reduce the symptoms of menopause, which can intensify with the abuse of certain substances.

Finally, when going through a traumatic situation, such as losing a job, divorce, etc., the tendency is for bad habits to surface.

Thus, understanding what is happening in our life allows us to achieve better recovery and gain self-esteem, contributing to the changes that need to be made.

Changing habits after 40 step by steps.

After knowing all this information about changing habits after 40, it is time to discover some essential steps for this to happen.

See the list below:

  • Identify habits: self-knowledge, that is, determining which patterns we want or need to change, is the first step for this to happen. So, analyze your behaviours and see which ones can harm your life or health.
  • Find the need to change: understanding what drives us to change certain habits is essential for this process. Some of the factors may be searching for new love, weight loss, getting a new job, etc.
  • Plan: like everything else in our routine, knowing how to plan can change habits. So, choose one or two behaviours that you want to adopt and see how you can incorporate them into your day-to-day.
  • Persist: as already mentioned, failures can be very common to everyone who wants to make changes. Therefore, giving up should not be an option; after all, persistence will make you reach your goals.

Throughout this post, you could understand how to change habits after 40′ to achieve a healthier and more balanced life.

Have you ever tried to change habits? Could you share your experience with us?

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