Clarify your Core Values and Change Your Life

October 3, 2020



What do you mean by values? What are your Core Values? Indeed, some things came to mind from these questions. These answers say a lot about your way of life and your relationship with the world, you know?

In this article, we will talk a little about what values ​​are, through not only the concept but also examples. Read on to find out more.

What are Values?

Values ​​are the norms that govern people’s lives and coexistence in society. Although valid for a determined time, that is, they are in constant transformation and updating, they are part of human development, and are still essential for humanization.

We can say that these values ​​are the result of people’s efforts for themselves and the common good. We all have ours, even if you have a hard time defining them right away.

How About Some Examples?

The concept is not always sufficient to understand how values ​​apply to our lives. So we have also put together some examples, which will be cited and commented on below.

Friendship – Relationships have always been fundamental to human existence; through friendship, we can learn new things, win challenges and understand the power of collaboration.

Self-love – We need to recognize our value and learn to love ourselves so that we can also love other people.

Compassion – To have compassion is to be sensitive to the pain of others, recognizing that if we help each other, we will live better.

Courage – Fear is a state of protection, and although it is essential, it must often be faced, so that we can continue to develop in the most diverse areas of our life.

Gratitude – Gratitude is one of the most important human values; being grateful makes life more pleasurable.

Honesty – A much talked about but almost lost value; honesty involves acting in an honourable manner, being an essential moral principle.

Humility – Humility does not mean putting yourself in a lower position, but recognizing your mistakes and successes, remembering to consider the feelings of those around you.

Justice – We all need to act reasonably, but that does not mean that we must take justice into our own hands.

Perseverance To persevere is to continue even when something goes wrong, it is to move forward despite the failures.

Responsibility – To be responsible is to fulfil your obligations, and still take the blame for your failures. Also, it includes taking on your feelings and emotions.

Empathy – One of the most challenging human values, empathy is not only putting yourself in the other’s shoes, but remember that the other is different from you, considering your pains and anguishes, and respecting them.

Dignity – Everyone deserves respect, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion, dignity is a human value and also a moral principle.

Why it is Important to Know our Core Values

core values

What has everything you’ve learned so far changed in your life? How can all this help you to live better? These are the questions we would like to answer going forward.

Understanding what values ​​are and, more than that, identifying your core values ​​can transform the way you live. Because when we reach middle age bringing more balance to our daily life and recovering your emotional well-being is essential.

Many people, although they recognize some values, have not applied them in their daily lives. With that, they end up frustrated and dissatisfied with what they are and with the life they lead.

👉You might be interested in how to find your purpose in life.

Your values ​​reveal what is most important to you. And knowing them can yield several benefits:

  • You will get to know yourself better.
  • You will have more emotional stability.
  • Will develop a healthier relationship with you and the world.
  • You will become a more upright person.
  • It will be easier to make crucial decisions because you know what you want and who you want to be.
  • Your real priorities will become clear.
  • You will become a more secure and reliable person.

How Can you Define your Personal Core Values?

If you still don’t have your values ​​well defined, follow these steps:

  • Consider the list we share and identify the five that you think are most important.
  • Make a list of the things that are important to you. Don’t overthink; write down everything that comes to mind (family, health, money, etc.).
  • Read all the values ​​and make a list of those that matter to you. From them, analyze your life and your relationships, wondering if you have been acting harmoniously with them. Believe me; it will be worth it.

Once you know and understand your values, you can refer to them whenever you want to make crucial decisions. Your core values ​​are a guide for making the right decisions.

But remember that values primarily help you to define who you are and what you truly want. To start walking the path of middle age, you also need to redefine your goals. 🏃‍♀️ Access here to learn more.

Live Your Core Values

When we know your core values, we understand what motivates and drives us. When we build our lives around our values, we create a meaningful life. Finally, when we align our actions with our values – we’re genuinely authentic. It’s a very satisfying and fulfilling way to live.

And living your values could be the single most important thing any of us can do right now. Here’s an exercise you can do:

📝Grad, our list of values, that ​​you wrote earlier.

⚖ Give each value a score from 0 to 10 according to how often you apply that value in your life now (where 0 is not at all and 10 is full).

👏 Did you get higher scores? Very well!

For the scores that are 7 or less out of 10, ask yourself:

🙃 “How could I express this value more in my life right now?”

🤔 “What could I do differently or approach differently, so that I feel good about how I live this value in my life?”

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