Common Signs that the Long-term Relationship may End.

September 25, 2021



Sometimes we ignore the signs that the relationship is going to end. Although we have the feeling that the relationship is not going well, we prefer to stay in our comfort zone. When the relationship ends, the first thing we think is – “but it was ok, after all, we were together forever”.

So be careful; you might not pay attention to some signs that your relationship is about to end.

This article will look at five signs that occur when the relationship is not going very well. If you have a partner, keep reading this article so you won’t be taken by surprise.

Reasons why long-term couples break up more.

All love stories always start with high expectations, feelings, illusions and emotions. But over time, these feelings seem to weaken more and more, and expectations turn to disappointments, and the relationship may end.

In addition, the busy life, the long years dedicated to raising children, and the various commitments make the relationship boring.

There can be several reasons why the relationship end. In recent years, divorce after age 50 has increased. However, a long-term relationship is not guaranteed forever. In fact, divorce at midlife is almost common nowadays.

In Britain, the impact of the midlife crisis on marriage has inspired efforts to address the personal, familial and social determinants – and the consequences – of rising levels of divorce.Mark Jackson

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Knowing the signs can save the end of your relationship.

Nobody dies for love, but love can die. When that happens, the person can suffer. We know relationships are challenging, but today several factors make connections more vulnerable.

The love in a couple’s relationship may end, or the relationship may run into a deep crisis. But, on the other hand, it could force the couple to reflect. The outcome will depend on how the couple faces the challenge and how much they still believe in the relationship.

Either way, some signs indicate your relationship is about the end or is going through a deep crisis:

1) You keep trying to change your partner.

If only my husband were more loving, more romantic, more organized, more affectionate. Everything would be more accessible, and, without a doubt, I would feel more understood and loved.

How many times have you had these thoughts?

People are different, and maybe your half isn’t the kind of man or woman who likes to get pissed off, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore. It’s just a different way to love.

Many couples had children very young; the relationship changed because of the children. Then, when the “children” grow up, the spouses become the relationship’s centre again. And they are not always prepared for this change.

People change over time. Thus, it is possible to find ourselves after long years spent together in front of a person who is incompatible with us.

Therefore, getting to know your partner better can help you discover some aspects of him that you haven’t given much importance to or haven’t noticed over the years.

Self-knowledge is also essential to understanding your and your partner’s needs at this stage of life so that you can find arrangements to move forward together.

Ultimately, accepting the other person is a gesture of love. Therefore, take the opportunity to demonstrate how genuinely you love your partner for who he is. It will make life easier and helps to live better in diversity and to value the qualities of each one.

2) Your relationship lacks respect.

If you allow the other person to be disrespectful, you may not recognize your worth or feel that you don’t deserve respect.

Also, disrespect lowers your self-esteem. If you don’t show your value and don’t think you’re worth much, don’t expect the other person to appreciate and respect you. No relationship can resist disrespect for long.

In a relationship, sometimes the other people may say or do something that may disrespect you and not realize they’ve crossed the line. It’s up to you first to understand that the other crossed the line, disrespected you. Second, be clear and don’t allow disrespect. Find a solution together.

In some cases, such as in an abusive or toxic relationship, the person may pretend not to understand and amplify the offence. And the question is, why are you still in an abusive relationship?

Check out the video to understand more about setting boundaries.

3) Emotional problems

Emotional problems can erode the relationship and make you both forget about the promise “in good times and in bad”.Midlife is a period of profound transformation for both men and women. Women may experience emotional fluctuations or sudden mood swings, anxiety, irritability due to menopause.

Emotional issues affect a person’s physical and mental health and, as a result, can affect their ability to be present in a relationship.

In addition, emotional problems can cause a loss of interest in intimacy and sex and make the partner feel unattractive, rejected, and even unloved.

What to do?

  • Talk to your partner and explain the changes that take place at this stage of life.
  • Get help. See a doctor.
  • Take alternative therapies.
4) Lack of intimacy.

 Decreased libido after the 40s can affect men and women and compromise personal and couple stability. Relationship quality is closely related to excitement and satisfying sex life.

Not taking care of intimate moments with your partner is a form of indifference. Lack of intimacy with your partner is one of the reasons the relationship ends.

The decline in sexual desire during menopause is due to two main reasons: psychological or when a woman is no longer emotionally interested in sex. The second is physical, or the painful consequences of vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy.

Both situations often cause painful sexual intercourse and, therefore, a drop in libido as a direct consequence.

Women don’t know how to deal with the problem. And they prefer not to have a serious conversation with their husband about the difficulties they are having.

What to do?

  • Consult a trusted gynaecologist to develop a strategy that fits your problem, with and with your needs.
  • Keeping up the dialogue and sharing with your partner will naturally help you find a new and fulfilling intimacy.
  • On the other hand, if a man ignores the changes in a woman’s life and body after age 40, he may feel rejected, lonely, or think the woman is having an extramarital affair.
5) Lack of trust.

Lack of trust in a relationship is like cancer, we often don’t notice it, but it expands and becomes invasive before long.

Lack of trust in a relationship can have many causes. The most frequent is an episode of infidelity. However, there are other reasons for distrust in the couple’s relationship:

  • Finding out that the other is a liar.
  • He promises and doesn’t deliver.
  • Insecurity. You feel like your partner.
  • Emotional dependency.
  • Fear of being abandoned.
  • When the other is unable to face the consequences of his actions, he is evasive or irresponsible.

👉 We would love your opinion; what are the reasons that can end a relationship? We would love to hear from you! 💛💛

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