Essential Oil Could Relieve Pain

April 27, 2020



People suffering from chronic pain are always looking for solutions to solve the problem. Essential oil is natural and could relieve chronic pain and restore emotional balance.

Recently scientific studies have shown that 100% pure essential oil relieve chronic pain, elevate mood, inhibit the reproduction of viruses, kill bacteria,  oxygenate cells and boost the immune system. Essential oils act at the cellular level directly at the root of the problem.

Essential oils are incredibly concentrated substances from plants that can be extracted from the leaves, flowers or bark of the plant, depending on the essential oil. Some essential oils need tons of flowers and plants to obtain a litre of that oil.

The use of essential oils has an ancient tradition, great civilizations throughout the centuries recognized the benefits of this product.

How to Use  Essential Oils and Precautions

When we feel some pain or want to find emotional balance, we’re inclined to follow advice many times without going more in-depth. To treat the pain and give peace to your mind, follow the precautions about essential oils, such as the quality of the oil or how you will use it, where you apply the oil to relieve pain or rebalance emotions.

Before buying a quality essential oil, you have to pay attention:

  • In the country of origin while during transport, sudden changes in temperature may cause a change in the quality of the oil.
  • Search for the scientific name of the plant here to see that you are buying the right plant.
  • Check that the label indicates the purity of the oil, which must be 100% essential oil.
  • Another important factor is that the oil is biologically produced.

The Benefits of Essential Oil to Relieve Emotional and Physical Pain

The use of essential oil is very old to cure physical, emotional, energetic and mental issues. It also has energetic and emotional properties; that is, the aroma of the oil will act in the body relieving your stress and mitigating your insomnia. It also acts as an appetite suppressant according to the characteristics of the oil used.

 The application of the oil to the skin in a painful area of the body, allow the chemical substances of that oil to penetrate the area concerned providing great relieves the pain.

Some essential oils are used to treat menopausal symptoms with great success among the best known this evening primrose oil, salvia sclarea, lavender, among others.

How Can I Choose Essential Oil?

In the last years, the handling of the oils is done without the necessary precautions. Many people underestimate possible side effects like allergies, poisoning, etc.

Watch out for possible side effect before to use, if you can use during pregnancy or for children. Look at the product label and ask for details if there is any contraindication for you if you can or cannot use that oil if it’s aggressive or not for the skin.

 Safe Ways to Use Essential Oil

Inhalation is especially indicated to obtain a rapid change in the emotional state.

An economical way to inhale oils and pour hot water into a clean container and add up to 4 drops of essential oil. Cover the head, wrapping the container to form a steam chamber around the face. Take a deep breath and stay for about 10 minutes.

Alternatively there are different types of essential oil diffusers among these:
  • Personal diffuser usually a bottle where you put a drop or two of essential oil that you choose in it. Ideal for those who spend the day away from home and want to continue the therapy without having to take the risk of disturbing the other people around us. Practical does not occupy much space, perfect to put in the bag and use when necessary.
  • The necklace is a discreet, elegant and versatile jewel to keep in touch with nature through the sense of smell in a practical way. You can find different types from the most sophisticated to the simplest, made with natural materials or precious metals. Another economical way of inhaling oils and putting hot water in a clean container and adding up to 4 drops of essential oil. Cover the head, wrapping the container forming a steam chamber around the face. Breathe deeply and stay for about 10 minutes.
  • Air diffuser with cold water has a technology that scales very fine essential oil particles; this allows and maintains the healing properties of the oil. In addition, the oil particles remain in the environment for several hours. The only downside is that it is a little noisy.
  • The electric diffuser for essential oils distributes oils in heated water, the oil particles are larger, which makes it necessary to clean more often.
  • Ultrasonic diffuser This type of diffuser sends electronic frequencies and vibrations through the water to create steam; it also provides moisture to the air. It hotly disperses essential oils, and without chemicals, it is very silent.

How to Apply Essential Oil on the Skin

Dilute before applying on the skin.

Topical use of essential oil directly on the skin:

When using oil directly on the skin, hair and nails. Should mixture with another oil (coconut, jojoba) or moisturizing cream to dilute before use that.

It’s applied directly to the area you want to treat, for example, on the acnes, or use on the face as a cosmetic. We can apply the oil in points of rapid absorption, that’s, on the soles of the feet, on the spine. The properties of the oil spread quickly in the body, providing immediate benefits.

Another way is a hot compress; emerging a cloth in a container with water and some oil, torse the cloth and apply it on the desired part. For best results, cover with a wool cap.

You can also use 3-4 drops of oil in the bath or mix in the bath cream.

The topical use of essential oil involves some contraindications, especially when the skin is very sensitive, during pregnancy.

According to the University of Minnesota, you should avoid some oils for topical use such as cinnamon and clove oil, among others “Some oils are considered safe if inhaled, and yet maybe irritating if applied to the skin in concentrations as low as 3- 5%. Thyme, oregano, clove, and cinnamon bark essential oils are examples of this. “

How to Dilute an Essential Oil

Before using the essential oil to cure any pain, you should dilute the oil very carefully. If you want to put the essential oil on your face, for example, to treat a pimple to remove blemishes, the doses 0.5 %. For 10 ml of vegetable oil or 10 grams of moisturising cream, It needs only one drop of essential oil.

Lavender, for example, can use up to 2%, so it is four drops per 10 ml.

Don’t overdo the amount because it can be toxic to the body; this essential oil could overload the body causing side effects instead of benefits.

To apply on the body, it’ll depend a lot on the essential oil. There are some essential oils like cinnamon; could be very aggressive to the skin. It’s better to avoid using it.

Try to test first to check if you’re allergic to the product. Here is how to do it: prepare a tablespoon of vegetable oil and an essential oil drop on your forearm. The allergy can manifest itself in the form of changes in texture or colour of the skin, accompanied by itching, something very irritating.


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