Find Your True Path in Middle Age

July 29, 2020



Maybe you’re one of those people who are moving towards middle age, well, perhaps you’re wondering if the path you’re taking is what you really want or if you can start a new life in middle age.

Realising yourself is a significant advance towards accomplishing bliss and harmony. To get familiar with your actual self, distinguish the characteristics that make you unique. Being who you truly are help you feel more lively and makes your experience of life more productive, more significant even in middle age.

Nobody ever really feels like an “adult”. Find your path in middle age means finding the right pace of motivation for a new life. It regards your qualities, guts, and believes in your relationships, mindsets, and habits.
Have you ever thought about what your weakness, your fear, passion and desires are?

Greater purpose in life has been shown to be associated with several psychological outcomes, including a more positive outlook on life, happiness, satisfaction, and self-esteem “ Carol D. Ryff and Corey Lee M. Keyes.

Do You Really Know Who You Are?

Many people spend their entire lives without knowing who they really are, and that makes them have a mediocre life, living a life that doesn’t satisfy them, as they end up making decisions that go against their very essence.

Discovering yourself, knowing yourself, is the starting point for a full life because only when you know yourself, you are able to know with 100% certainty, which are the best options for you. Maybe you’re middle age in the wrong place, with the wrong person and doing things you don’t agree with, but you still don’t know yet.

Personality Change in Middle Age; Your Path Too

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“In the morning it rises from the nocturnal sea of unconsciousness and looks upon the wide, bright world which lies before it in an expanse that steadily widens the higher it climbs in the firmament” Carl Jung

Happiness is the key to living a lively life. You will have happier midlife when you can express your inner feelings with someone. Manifesting your desires will make it more expected that you get what you want. When your outside actions are according to your inner values and feelings, you will experience less internal struggle.

Stop dithering! When you know about yourself, you will be able to make a better decision about everything, from little choices like which shirt you have to buy to a big decision like which lifestyle you’ll live for the rest of your life. It will induce a power of resistance in you. You’ll have the insights to know which values and abilities will activate your determinations.

Get to Know About Preferences and Dislikes

A significant step in middle age is to dedicate ourselves to new activities that can stimulate our curiosity. Understanding your nature is the primary key. You may have opinions of others, which is one angle. However, you also have a collection of data about your natural reality, you know better than anyone else who you are. Get to know about what things you like and dislike.

Knowing this about yourself provides you with a lot of self-confidence. Take time to spend time on your preferences and avoid your dislikes. If you keep doing what brings you joy, you’ll satisfy your inner-self. You should not depend on the likes and dislikes of celebrities. Everyone has their source of happiness. Stay true to your preferences because nobody needs to like or hate it, but you!

Getting to know your personality lets you tap into the well of happiness away from your imagination. Bliss even in dark times.

Determine What Makes You Happy in Middle Age

If you’re happy, then you’re life will not be wasted time mulling over the mistakes of the past. Happiness is the key to your desires. So take a few moments for yourself and think about what will make you happier.

Travelling makes you happy? Having a successful business makes you happy? Is your financial freedom making you more comfortable? You should have a clear idea of what is making you more satisfied.

What Bothers You?

When you notice the things that make you cheerful and the things that make you anxious, you will filter them out. You will find a way to stay with the idea that makes you happy. 

Maybe you have to change your daily routine when you’re in middle age. Because your expectations may change, things will not work the same as in the past. You have to accept things and make a change in your behaviour and perception. It’ll help you heal up the past event that bothers you.

Middle age is the ideal time to stop dwelling on things that stress you. You have such a significant number of years to live right now. Why are you burning through this brilliant time pretending to be somebody else?

Once you know all about you, your life’s aim will be the change, and you will end up with positive thoughts, countless blessings, and meaningful life ahead.

If you want to move away from such a habit, you don’t like swiftly leaving it behind. Please make a list of those things which make you sad and be specific about it. If you don’t want your office job, don’t say it.

Make sure why you hate your office job. In short, is it due to the burden of work or due to your micromanaging boss? Or is it due to your meaningless job title? Or all of the above? How can you fix it, and what bothers you most? How much do you want to fix it?

Let’s Reflect

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Write down everything you dislike, start with something generic: “I have to carry too much responsibility on my shoulders.”

Now go deeper, consider one problem at a time, analyse in detail what indeed  disturbs you.

“I have a lot of responsibility, but no extra pay.” First of all, ask yourself, “Are these responsibilities part of my duties, or did I take them spontaneously?”

Whatever you answered, ask again: “What led me to do something I don’t like? What kind of feeling drives me to do it? What are the values ​​that guide me to do this?” You might say: “my manager/colleague asked me”,  or ” I feel better when I help whoever needs it.”

There’s no Perfect Time,  take Action Now

Be creative to find out what you could do to transform the negative situation into a new reality.

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

One of the biggest misconceptions that a person can make when they are trying to develop their skills in advocating exclusively on what is terrible, what they’re not yet able to do.

Take some time to think about what comes to you naturally; it could be anything. Observe the situation in your daily life, what things you do efficiently with a passion,  what things drive you crazy and can’t perform correctly.

Knowing your qualities and faults helps to let you evaluate yourself. If you have self-knowledge, you can grow more. Also, understanding your weaknesses gives you an idea of what things are responsible for your failure that may hold you back. And then you can focus on working on the reasons that your weak points pull you behind.

You should trust your strength; it’s about seeking opportunities instead of problems. Focusing on your weaknesses will decrease your self-confidence, performance and enthusiasm. Make your weaknesses your strength by trusting your guts. Soon you will succeed in achieving your objective.

Reflect on your life in this way of discovering your strengths, there are several ways, but if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips:

  • Remember what you did well as a child, what you felt good about doing then, and there’s an excellent tip of what you should focus on as an adult.
  • Another way to attend to your strengths is when we’re most challenged, for example, when you work under intense pressure because you might realise what you do well and what you do poorly.


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