How to Clean and Disinfect Computer Quickly

June 18, 2020



Like many others, you are probably working at home, and you don’t have the cleaning service you had when you were in the office. Have you ever thought about cleaning your computer and keyboard?

Did you know university studies show fifty per cent of all computer keyboards test positive for urine and mucus? That because people never clean their computer, even worse don’t wash your hands properly.

Computer, phone, laptops are most-touched surfaces in offices and homes. Keyboards are also positive for bacteria and viruses that cause colds and flu urinary tract infections and respiratory ailments like pneumonia. And recent studies prove that viruses like Covid-19 can transmit from touch surfaces, so it’s very important to clean and disinfect the computer and keyboard regularly.

These germs can live on your uncleaned keyboard for days, and each year employees sick time costs companies millions of dollars and much more to you. This keyboard and Mouse can be sanitized the clean effortlessly.

Even when the keyboard look cleaned, there’re a few places for microbes to hide. Check the keyboard and Mouse and start to clean it costs no more than a few minutes. Furthermore, dust prevents the computer to work properly even worse dust can seriously damage to this equipment.

Although electronic devices are susceptible, it is incredibly easy to clean with soap and water or disinfecting sprays and wipes. Keyboard and Mouse are plug and play a particular function means you don’t have to unplug your keyboard to clean.

Your keyboard is one of the dirtiest objects you’ll touch. So, what are you waiting for cleaning your keyboard, mouse, and computer? Clean keyboards mean less risk to get a viral and bacterial infection.

How Can I Clean my Computer?

innografico, advice to clean computer

Here you go method how to clean computer e devices.


The first thing you should do is turn the computer off before cleaning. It’s a safety measure you have to remember always while dealing with electronics.


As for liquid solutions, they are used to clean the monitor and should not be sprayed directly on it but on the microfiber cloth beforehand.

How to Clean the Computer Screen

Clean with microfiber cloth

The best way to clean the computer screen is with a microfiber cloth. Suppose you need to remove dust gathering on the computer, don’t use paper towels when you use this material wiping from the screen falls later by doing this, so get inside the keyboards, table, or can scratch the screen.

Here’s how to do:

  • Use the microfibre this kind of material doesn’t leave any lint behind. It’s quite soft, avoid scratches on the screen superficies.
  • Slightly moisten your cloth with the solution (water & vinegar) and stroll cleaning.
  • Start on one side of the corner and move across back and forward until reach the bottom.
  • Then you can use another cloth to clean something the cloth might leave behind,  move the microfiber over the screen as before.

How to Clean the Keyboards of your computer

Use medium soft brush

By using the following methods, you can clean and disinfect keyboard quickly:

1- Use Foam

There’re also kits with frothy cleaners that are used instead of cleaning the keyboard. But don’t spray foam directly on the screen, dab it on the cloth and gently wipe the monitor.

Effectively cleans plastic surfaces such as keyboards, mice, computer housings, printers, and other office equipment. The antistatic, alcohol-free formulation also contains a long-lasting disinfectant.

  • Shake the can before use.
  • Turn upside down the keyboard and taping it gently to remove dust.
  • Spray the foam directly onto the keyboard surface.
  • Grasp a brush and rub in zigzag.
  • Finally, wipe with a soft cloth.

2- Use Brush

You will need any container to pour a little water and a few drops of white vinegar and a brush. I prefer a medium soft.

  • Pour a third of water and two-thirds of white vinegar and mix it.
  • Take a brush by dipping it in the solution then squeeze it, and it must be damp and not soaked.
  • Use soft thread brush instead of a hard one.
  • Then start brushing the keyboard upside down to avoid getting wet inside the keyboard. In this way, we can insist on rapid movements to remove the dirt deposited under the keys.

In the end, dry the keyboard by rubbing or dabbing a dry cloth or let it dry for a few minutes before turn on the computer.

3- Use Compressed Air

If you have any animals, any dirt needed, such as food, and then you go to the store of keyboards. It really sucks is an antigenic thing.

But you’re a bit lazy there’s a  practical way to clean, however, that you don’t go to one hundred per cent cleaning then an efficient solution is to buy a can of compressed air. Compressed air doesn’t have moisture inside the water. Therefore, it doesn’t damage the keyboard components.

  • Make sure to adjust the straw.
  • Turn the keyboard up sideways surface and shake it to take off the debris.
  • Spray with the keyboard upside-down along the gutters and crevices of the keyboard.
  • To eliminate any debris that doesn’t readily fall out, brushing the keyboard.

4- Use vacuum

You can use a portable vacuum cleaner, and it’s able to suck those dust on the keyboard, remove most dust and crumbs from your hardware. With a few passes, you pick up even large debris of dust and small particles. If you don’t have a computer vacuum cleaner, you can use the standard vacuum cleaner you have at home.

  • When using the regular vacuum cleaner: remove the brush from the vacuum cleaner. Cover the vacuum cleaner tube with a sock or tissue to avoid sucking the keyboards.
  • If you have the computer vacuum cleaner has a different brush, tube nozzles. They all have their specific features, choose the right one.
  • Proceed by gently aspirating the keyboard.

5- Use baby wipes

Use baby wipes when clean your computer. Try to shake the keyboard upside down, gripe the sides of the keyboard and turn it over, when nothings come out anymore take the baby wipes, rub it on the keyboard. It’s effectible will remove all dust.

6- Use erase to clean keyboards

Pencil erasers are a great item to remove dust and prints from the keyboard. Over time more and more grime let by your fingers print built ups on your keyboard. You can notice this, with you take glance your keyboard from a particular angle. This problem can be easy to solve by using a simple pencil erase.

  • Gentle rub the erase on the keys.
  • After that, you can use the baby wipe to remove eventually left dust.

How to Wash the Keyboard

Now, I am letting you know how to wash the keyboard of your computer. Before removing the keys, take a picture of the entire keyboard layout, so you know how to put them back. It’s helping you a lot to understand where to place the keys.

First, you can use a flathead screwdriver or a spudger, a screwdriver tool pretty much anything that can go under the key and push it upwards the keys are kept. These plastic clips and they’re quite easy to remove one by one. The larger keys have metal pieces that hold them straight; you just have to be careful when you remove them,  so as not to bend or break them.

  • When removing the space bar, apply pressure to the centre and then slide it out of the metal rods.
  • Once all the keys are removed, remove the metal pieces by merely releasing them from the keys, keep them separate.
  • Pouring water in a large bucket, add dishwashing detergent and white vinegar, mix well put all the keys inside the bucket.
  • Move them gently to wash and let the key rest in the bucket for 30 minutes.
  • In the meantime, you can vacuum the keyboard or clean it with a brush.
  • After cleaning with a vacuum or take a lint-free damp cloth,  thoroughly clean the entire keyboard in all areas, where the keys were sitting where there’s dust.

How to Clean the Mouse

First, remove the tracking ball, you can take it out to clean the Mouse properly.

  • Clean with damped cloth, rub this over the Mouse to remove the dirty.
  • Use bud cotton to remove the dust inside the Mouse.
  • Let them dry before inserting the ball.

Clean Laptop Safety

woman eat close to cleaned laptop

Nowadays, computers are thinner and lighter, but the downside of this new mechanism is that if you get jammed with food particles or dust, the accumulation of dirt in keyboards will seriously affect your fluent typing ability.

Cleaning and disinfecting of the laptop a simple thing with a can of compressed air. It doesn’t cost too much, and you can take them online or at the store.

  • The first step before using compressed air is to touch the key several times to try to crush that deposited particle and move it a little so repeatedly, touching the keyboard on the locked keys that are affected will help you do it.
  • Then turn the computer over and rub it gently on the back to try to remove some of those particles.
  • So you are ready for the compressed air canister the first thing to do is connect the nozzle on the front of the compressed air.
  • Place the PC at an angle of about 70 degrees, so if you hold the laptop almost vertically and tilt it back to reach the 70-degree point.
  • Spray from left to right on the affected area or the entire keyboard.
  • Turn the computer to the right and repeat the procedure again, spraying from left to right.
  • Rotate your computer to the left side so that the screen is now on your left and once again spraying zigzags from left to right.
  • Finally, take the microfiber cloth and go through the keyboards to clean further the remaining residue.

Wash the Silicone Keyboard

The silicone keyboards are easy to clean; they’re also washable and resistant to bacteria. This kind of keyboard has a unique design that aims to prevent the agent’s pathogens from staying under the keys.

This type of keyboard is a perfect solution for use in hospitals, dental offices, medical clinics, hospitals, dialysis centres, laboratories, and veterinary clinics. So they’re more likely to get microbes.

Although these keyboards are very safe from hygiene safety, they must be carefully cleaned and sanitized after each use with water and soap and then disinfect.

It’s essential to clean your computer every day; also you have to disinfect it several times in a day to protect and clean it from a Covid-19. Use sanitiser for your hands cleaning and use a baby wipe to clean and disinfect the touchy surface.

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