How to Deep Clean the Microwave Quickly

September 19, 2020



Cleaning the microwave can be tiring: few of us like it, some of us hate it, but in most cases, it is possible to clean the microwave quickly without fatigue.

Frequent cleaning of the microwave oven is essential to maintain its functionality and prevent the appearance of bad odours. The microwave requires extra care because it is made by different material according to the model.

So, let’s see how to clean quickly and keep a microwave oven clean.

The First Step to Clean Microwave

The first thing to know and be aware of is that you need to organise everything before starting. Then there’re two essential steps you must follow:

  1. Check that the microwave is cold everywhere.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  3. Wear gloves; it’s a bad idea exposing your hands to detergents.

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How to Clean the Microwave Outside

Outside of the microwave oven can get dust, and fats from the kitchen, regardless of whether the appliance is used or not, requires daily cleaning.

If the construction material of the microwave oven for stainless steel, it is useful to clean it with a sponge soaked in warm water and white vinegar. Then wipe with a dry cloth, do not rub with a steel sponge.

How to Clean the Microwave Inside

When we chooce natural products instead of those that can be toxic is win-win for everyone. Green products are more convenient and better for our health and ecofriendly. When we use chemicals to clean, we will leave residues in the microwave, which inevitably contaminates the food

You can use natural products that we all have at home. Therefore, also an economical solution because, with some natural products, we can safely clean our microwave oven.

The products you will need

  • 1 Small refractory, to put water.
  • 4 drops of lemon juice,
  • 1 spoon of baking soda or 30 ml of white wine vinegar.
  • a sponge.
  • 1 microfiber cloth to dry the microwave.
  • Then, fill the water dish and add 30 ml of white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

We will insert the refractory into the microwave, close it and turn it on for about 5 minutes. Let it work just as if we were heating something. This will ensure that, when providing the maximum power for about 5 minutes, our compound first mixes and releases the steam that will be disinfected inside. Vinegar and baking soda are sanitized, disinfect, but above all degrease the lemon. These ingredients release steam wish will help us to clean our microwaves naturally.

Then, once we’re done, we go safely with a potholder (so as not to burn our hands) and take our pot, which naturally overheated. In fact, the mixture produced the effect as if it had just boiled.

Now let’s get our sponge and clean it while the steam is still thick. We will simply collect the steam inside the microwave and, with this gesture, we can remove the accumulated dirt.

How to Clean the Glass Plate

Clean a glass dish – we can wash it in the dishwasher or hand wash and then dry it before putting it back in the microwave.

Clean the microwave door – Also remember to clean the door. The side edges of the microwave door and can be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with white vinegar. To clean the glass, use a sponge moistened with vinegar.

Then with a clean, dry cloth, remove the moisture created by the steam and the damp sponge. The microwave is clean and ready for the next round.

How to Eliminate Smells from the Microwave

One of the most annoying things when cooking is the burning smells that can affect the walls of our oven. If the smell bothers you, it only takes a few minutes to clean.

  • To get rid of the smell of burning, just insert a bowl of water with baking soda and let it sit overnight.
  • The next day, place a twig or two drops of rosemary oil in a container of water and bake for about 2 minutes.
  • Then, wipe it with a dry cloth inside and don’t forget to clean the door.

How to Keep the Microwave Clean

Keeping the microwave clean is essential not only to have better control of the food being cooked but above all because a thin and dirty glass can compromise the precision of cooking as well as the quality and hygiene of the dishes.

Here are Simple Steps to Follow

  • Clean briefly with a sponge when using the microwave.
  • Always use the microwave cover
  • Use microwave utensils.

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