Menopause Herbal Tea: Why It Is So Beneficial for Menopause.

May 29, 2021



Have you heard about herbal tea that can relieve menopause symptoms? When used in conjunction with other types of treatments, they can generate very significant results for those at this stage.

Through the text, you will be able to find several herbal tea options to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, as well as information on the benefits they offer.

So read on and take all your doubts on the subject!

What is menopause?

Before talking about menopausal teas, you must understand what this period of female life is all about.

Basically, when the body undergoes a series of changes, it stops producing hormones essential for the body to function. In general, this stage of life (also known as climacteric) starts around 40. Still, it can vary from woman to woman, bringing a series of symptoms and discomforts with it.

And to minimize menopause symptoms, teas can be a good alternative. See more on the following topics.

What is the best herbal tea for menopause symptoms?

to show lady with cup of herbal tea to minimize menopause symptoms, teas can be a good alternative.
menopause herbal tea
Mulberry leaf

Mulberry leaves are often mentioned in the lists of the best anti-ageing foods, not by chance. The research conducted so far on their health properties is indeed quite promising.

Reduce symptoms of menopause: Have a series of chemical compounds capable of regulating women’s hormones. It helps eliminate the symptoms of menopause.

Helps regulate the intestine: This plant has a great source of fibre, facilitating the transit of food and restoring the well-being of the intestinal bacterial flora.

The tea consumption can be hot or cold temperature, not giving an interval more than 24 hours after its preparation.

To do this, just put a tablespoon of the leaves in a fresh or dry state in a litre of boiling water. After that, let it rest for about 15 minutes, strain and consume throughout the day.


Boost energy: This plant is excellent if you suffer from fatigue. In Ancient Greece, it was forbidden before the Olympic competitions: they considered it was doping!

Balance hormone: Sage is a plant rich in enzymes, vitamins, but above all, flavonoids, particularly isoflavones, which have an action very similar to estrogen.

St John’s Wort

Some women found the benefits of this herbal tea to deal with menopause symptoms. St John’s Wort is a perfect tea for those who want to solve mood swings during menopause. It could help to reduce stress and anxiety, prevalent disorders during hormonal changes suffered by women.

However, researchers have reported side effects in people with more severe depressive disorders. “There are case reports of St. John’s wort having dangerous side effects, such as worsening of psychotic symptoms in people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia”.


Lemon balm or Melissa contains active ingredients that seem to act mainly on the autonomic nervous system. It would help combat the stress factors, often of psychological origin, and restore the balance of the autonomic nervous system, removing anxiety and sadness.

Cimicifuga racemosa

The plant is known for its anti-inflammatory and rebalancing properties, rich in phytoestrogens, natural substances with an action similar to estrogens. 

Bring down hot flashes: Cimicifuga tea is ideal for reducing hot flashes, which is also present during the climacteric.

Regulates sleep rhythms: For the plant’s ability to mimic serotonin and thus relieve sleep disorders.


Ginseng is a root, when consumed as an infusion, allows for greater regulation of symptoms such as hot flashes or anxiety.

Another great benefit it offers is its antioxidant action. It helps in weight loss, which is also a common difficulty during menopause.

Red Clover

Red clover is a forage legume rich in isoflavone, a component present in a large amount also in soy.

And it is precisely these substances that will act to control hormones and reduce some of the common main symptoms during menopause.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is one of the most potent herbs found in nature, bringing numerous benefits to the human body.

Some studies have shown that Ginkgo Biloba can increase sex drive in women during menopause. It also incredibly effective in controlling menopausal symptoms and improves brain health considerably.

Green tea

In fact, green tea can be considered real natural medicine. Many scientific researchers have confirmed its properties consecrated green tea as one of the healthiest drinks on the planet in recent years.

Anti-ageing: The action of antioxidants is beneficial in reducing the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells from damage caused by these molecules that play a role in ageing

Regulates cholesterol levels: It contains a significant amount of “catechin”, a substance that decreases cholesterol absorption by the stomach.

 Loss weight: Green tea contributes to the acceleration of metabolism due to the caffeine present in its composition.

White tea

Last but not least, there is white tea, which has numerous benefits for those experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Check out some of them in the following list:

Reduce cellulite: White tea is a diuretic, so it reduces water retention;

Helps to lose weight: It contains substances that improve fat burning; contains caffeine, which allows the metabolism to accelerate.

Remineralizing: White tea helps preserve bone density, counteracting osteoporosis, and joint elasticity, to prevent arthrosis.

Anti-age: Has antioxidants that delay premature ageing.

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In this text, you have conferred several advantages that menopausal teas can provide women.

However, before starting to ingest any of them, seek the opinion of a specialist who will be able to indicate the type best suited to your needs. This article is for informational purposes only.

If you want to express your opinion or answer any questions, be sure to send your comment!

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