Let Go of Past Mistakes Forgive Ourselves

April 8, 2020



Forgiving ourselves is one of the most challenging tasks that life offers us.

We struggle to forgive ourselves; mistakes sometimes end up chasing us forever; increasing our worries, making us think, making us live in anxiety, and, in sorrow. Mulling over the mistakes of the past, in a way, block us in the development of an extraordinary life. As I see it, many people desire to live a great experience, of course, in their terms, in their rules, with things that make them happy.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” Mother Theresa

Empower Yourself by Learning from Mistakes

There’re lessons to be learned with the closing of each chapter in our life. Sometimes those chapters have unfavourable endings, but we can avoid dwelling on them.

Each tomorrow that we are blessed with has greater promise than the day before. That knowledge propels us to give our all.

Being reprimanded at work for an error in judgment is tough. It’s human to feel a little unworthy and disappointed in ourselves, but we should maintain a kind spirit. Being good to ourselves allows accepting difficulties as they are and improve ourselves later.

Rebuild The Puzzle: to Prevent Mistakes

A large part of humanity spends time evaluating the things that go wrong. Asking questions to understand why something happens brings clarity.

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together may inspire us to make adjustments to prevent similar outcomes. It always means being honest with ourselves about our missteps. There is strength in being able to face our shortcomings.

Knowing that we have what it takes to correct the wrongs comes from our ability to take correction.

Four Steps to Forgive Ourselves


Some of us must learn to accept from the depths of our soul what has happened and must admit that we cannot change the past, but we can influence the future. The more we try to change the past, the less energy we put into correcting the future, so accepting what has been done is the prerequisite for being able to plan a new life.


If we can perceive the mistakes we have made as a source of knowledge, we will see them from another point of view. However, to do this, Sometimes we have to accept our mistakes. Because more, we try to distance them or try to remove them the less we learn, and we lose the possibility of changing the future.


We should feel free to apologize to ourselves more often. The chaotic noise in our heads usually has a tone of self-accusation. If we reverse the talk with ourselves, change the tone,  apologize for the things we have not done well, over time we can lighten the load that holding us back.

Let go

Let go of mistakes to get something we don’t have yet or something we can create in the future. However, to be able to do this you have to let go, don’t remain emotionally anchored in the past, don’t hide it, bringing it to the surface, but then let it go like a child when it releases its balloons. Human being has the right to make mistakes, because as long as we show the will to want to improve.

In My Experience

I believe that when someone believes in me, I receive chances to prove myself. Instead of dwelling on how I disappoint someone, I use their gesture of faith to confidently produce results to be proud of.

Today, I look only straight ahead. There is little time for focusing on what the past holds, except for taking the lessons from it. I am a student of life and I am ready to move forward with more experiences.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Great! Sure you are patient and managed to read this far, probably like many of us, you also live with this problem, take time to reflect on the questions below. It will help you to understand your feelings and actions better.

How easy is forgive myself for something that I mess up?

How does it feel when someone expresses confidence in my abilities?

How much do I rely on the experiences of others to guide me?

Great help for forgiveness also for oneself or for ourselves is learning to meditate because meditation increases the level of awareness. Through meditation, we can bring to the surface things that we usually do not perceive. Dragging a weight from the past without forgiving ourselves prevents us from seeing the future from a new perspective.


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