New Year Resolution: the Reason Why Will Crap

December 26, 2020



A new year resolution is a choice to do or not to do a specific task to break a habit or accomplish a personal goal. When people look back, they want to improve their practices as the new year starts.

The most common new year resolution in the UK is more exercise, lose weight, improve a diet, saving money. Suppose you would have a resolution for a new year. It is essential to understand the difference between objective and goal, determine how to define them, and begin getting your plans off the ground.

Stick here to understand how to set your targets and achieve them successfully. Make your core values clear and increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Why people make new year’s resolutions?

Do you know why people are making New Year’s resolutions? Resolutions are of different types, and everyone makes resolutions differently. Some individuals promise to change their bad habits, such as quitting smoking and having less junk food. Others promise to grow a positive habit like a beginning exercise program, recycling and volunteering in their community.

Resolutions are the goals that you want to accomplish over the next year.

First, these goals should be divided by a short period and long-term goals. Second, goals are tasks with set targets and deadlines with which you promise to accomplish your goals. In conclusion, if you are going to make a new year resolution, you must have the following factors:

  • A New Year Resolution must be easy and straightforward to understand.
  • It must be measurable and possible to monitor its evolution.
  • Your goal must be realistic and attainable.
  • Choose a valid goal and not just a passing wish.
  • It must be a well-defined term that influences their motivation.

Once you set your goal, it needs to plan an action immediately to begin preparing to get those goals off the ground. However, it is not easy to accomplish a challenging or difficult goal overnight.

Are new year’s resolutions effective?

It is the question of the majority of the people, and they want to know about it. Why a lot of people are making new year’s resolutions generally find them hard to accomplish. So, several factors are involved in its accomplishment. If you are making a resolution that is hard to do, and you are not able to stick to it, then your resolution will not be effective. Certainly, you must be careful and determined when setting a goal.

If someone wants to chase her goal with solid willpower, she will never fail to achieve her target. With strong grit, a person climbs the stairs for success. Devotion and dedications are the primary tools through which one can achieve the goals and target. In this way, making a new year’s resolution is a good idea.

Why new year’s resolutions don’t work?

New Year Resolutions

There are many reasons for this. A new year symbolizes the opening of a new chapter in the book that is your life. So many people like you are trying to achieve ambitious goals. However, they do not have a strong reason but let themselves be influenced by the moment’s enthusiasm. So they think they can taste easy victory. Among other important reasons, here are the most common ones:

  • Have no clarity about your current situation.
  • You are too optimistic.
  • Force yourself to start without planning.
  • Do not track your progress.
  • Choose to push goals that have no value to you.
  • You are not confident about your resolution.
  • Overthinking about your goal.

Willpower is not enough.

Without a strong purpose, willpower is a limited resource and disappears when we are stressed. That is, willpower can help for a few weeks to force us to go to the gym every day, to follow a strict diet. In the other hand, it is not enough to overcome the difficulties that we will encounter.

It is easy to overestimate ourselves when we are motivated. But the reality is that along the way; we will encounter many obstacles. Therefore, only the strong purpose we decided to change can act as an engine that will help us restart as many times as necessary until we reach your goal.

The goal is out of your control.

Most people set their goals that are not in their access to accomplish. For instance, they think that they will lose 30Kg in three months. It is not easy to achieve, and it can be harmful to health. 

Your goal must be realistic; losing 30kg in three months is a fantasy. First of all, divide your objective in the short term, medium-term and long term. Then set the goals, for example, to lose 3 kilos in the first month, 2 kg in the second, etc.

Anxiety and stress can beat you.

The majority of people become stressed and tense; they are not achieving their goals. It leads to a worse situation about their health. In this way, they start avoiding their resolution or trying to escape from thinking about it. Anxiety itself is harmful to the majority of the users.

What should I do to make it work?

There are several different ways through which you can manage your goals and accomplish them. Every year, millions of people resolve to lose weight, get in shape, and be more productive during the next year, but it is impossible. Instead of choosing such an ambiguous goal, you need to make a realistic resolution like you will lose ten pounds in the coming year. It will motivate you to lose more than ten pounds in the other next year. Some different ways are here.

1) Review your core values

The achievement of a goal does not happen by magic, but when you want to make a dream come true for a strong reason. The core values of a person are directly linked to the achievement of the objective. So consider your values carefully before setting goals. For example, If attending parties and restaurants is a significant value, you will hardly be able to diet and lose weight in your life. Your goals must be consistent with your values.

2) Believe without a doubt

If you don’t believe you can achieve a goal, it will remain a chimaera. Before you start planning, clarify any doubts you have about your ability to realize your dream. When a person does not believe that he can make a goal, difficulties become insurmountable obstacles.

To believe is to see a dream come true. To see is to think that what you plan will be possible.

3) Select a specific goal

Do not try to change everything at the same time. Choose a few goals, preferably one that will help you achieve different results. Let’s say you want to lose weight, eliminate menopausal symptoms and lower cholesterol. A healthy diet covers all of these goals. So, look for a good dietician and start setting the goals.

4) Put time into planning

Writing goals is not a waste of time. Programming the objectives allows you to control the results, follow the established steps and correct the strategies if necessary. Moreover, keep in mind a clear picture of what you want and how you can get it.

5) Avoid getting stuck

It just so happened that you didn’t reach the goal in one day. But what matters is what you decide to do the next day. Don’t waste time trying to punish yourself; on the contrary, take the opportunity to assess the situation and understand why you failed to reach the goal. Remember what you want to achieve and start again without hesitation.

6) Change the self-image

Often, we never manage to move forward with our goals because we have a self-image that limits us. It is essential to change all those “beliefs” you have built about yourself or life in general. Our thoughts greatly influence our reality; if we think we are not capable of … or that we cannot be … Completing a project will become an impossible undertaking.

7) Be willing to pay the price

“Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything.” (Harry Browne)

What are the things you are willing to give up to achieve your goal? Everything in life has a price; it can be an economical cost, the time you dedicate, or the necessary effort.

How much are you willing to pay the price? Your success depends on it.

8) Renew your motivation

We should realize what we have and how we can make it better. The past is not in our hands, and we can make our future better by using our resources. This is possible when we realize our resources. We should understand how healthy we are, how we are fulfilling our needs, and supportive relations are making us happy. 

You must realize that the present is a portal of gifts that offers you time and health. Consider your resources when making your purposes. They are useful for you to achieve your goal.

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