Physical activity for menopause: what to choose?

June 13, 2021



When women reach menopause, they start to have some health problems. To minimize them, they start looking for some physical activity to include in their routine.

However, the great difficulty is finding the one that best suits your lifestyle and preferences. In the course of this post, you will find some tips on physical activities to choose from and have a healthier mind and body.

So if you’re middle-aged who are in menopause, keep reading this post and find out more about this and other information!

How often should women work out at menopause?

Excessive training is always harmful because it stresses the body and brain. It can increase some menopausal symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, insomnia, chronic fatigue. In general, women who start an exercise routine at an early age tend to be more willing to maintain their activities during midlife.

But this can still be an excellent opportunity to analyze the program and define something capable of providing what you need at that moment. And the same goes for those who do not yet have an active exercise routine.

At this stage of life, it is strongly recommended to seek a professional who can help you undertake physical activity to strengthen and improve the cardiorespiratory system.

What is the best physical activity for midlife women?

After getting this initial information about physical activity by middle-aged women, it’s time to choose which activities might be more enjoyable for your tastes. See some options in the following topics.

Heart-Healthy Cardio

Physical activity that works the cardiorespiratory system or aerobics can be the most suitable for burning fat and protecting bone mass during menopause.

Among them, the highlight goes to the practice of running or walking. Still, gym classes provided in gyms can also fulfil this function very well.

If you like more excitement during your practice, opting for circuit classes or pedalling can also be an excellent option to work your cardiorespiratory system.

This type of activity is critical and must be in your program, interspersed with other modalities.


Yoga is very suitable for all women who seek to align exercise practice with muscle strengthening and flexibility gain with relaxation and well-being. And this ancient practice can offer several benefits, as described in the following list:

  • improves the quality of life and provides well-being for practitioners;
  • brings more emotional balance, serenity and inner peace;
  • reduces problems such as insomnia and depression;
  • activates blood circulation;
  • corrects posture and improves the incidence of back pain;
  • brings more energy to the body and mind.


Now, suppose you want to work your cardiorespiratory system and keep your body healthy, with strengthened and well-defined muscles. In that case, the ideal is to intersperse your aerobic exercise practice with weight training.

This routine can also increase your bone mass, which can be very important to prevent future osteoporosis problems. “To strength train as a middle-aged woman, you need to build a regular routine that adds some resistance to your physical activity a few times a week”.

This routine can also increase your bone mass, which can be very important to prevent future osteoporosis problems.

Moreover, Weight-lifting itself can reduce problems related to back pain; after all, in some cases, it can be related to the lack of muscle strengthening.


Along the same lines as yoga, it is possible to put Pilates into practice to achieve greater relaxation and well-being.

However, its benefits go beyond those already mentioned. Pilates also contributes to better posture, prevents specific injuries, strengthens and shapes the body and much more!

Water Exercises

Physical activities in the water are fun and produce short-term results. During the exercise, the water massages the body as you work. The result is a more toned and compact body.

Swimming is excellent for those seeking to improve their physical condition and can have a rhythm determined by the teacher based on their goals.

Other options such as water aerobics and running, water pedalling are highly recommended, especially for more intense but less impactful exercises.

Physical activity in the water is an ideal activity for overweight, convalescent people.

Also, this type of physical activity is ideal for women at menopause as they wish to avoid physical activity that raises their body temperature and other benefits listed below.

The benefits of water aerobics:
  • The back is relieved of any weight, sudden movements are almost impossible to perform, and jumps do not damage the joints;
  • reduces swelling;
  • reacted to blood circulation;
  • helps fight cellulite;
  • burns fat and calories.

How to start physical activity during menopause?

If you’ve already defined what activities you want to include in your routine, know that the next step is to understand what it takes to get indeed started.

See the information in the list below:

  • perform a medical evaluation;
  • start exercising lightly until your body gets used to the routine;
  • bet on low-impact activities to get started; give preference to activities that provide you with pleasure, avoiding giving up over time;
  • know how to respect your limits;
  • as you find that the practice is becoming more accessible, gradually increase the intensity.

Try warming up before exercise and stretching before and after training to avoid pain and injury.

In the course of this post, you’ve seen a series of physical activities ideal for middle-aged women who want to improve their health.

If you have any questions, be sure to send your comment. And take the opportunity to give your exercise suggestion!

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