The Real Reason Why You Set Boundaries and People Still Disrespect You.

September 11, 2021



If you have landed on this page, it means that the people around you disrespect you, and you need to set boundaries.

Disrespect can come in many forms; direct or indirect behaviour, an insult or sarcasm, etc. Whatever the form of disrespect, passive acceptance is not the best solution, as it can damage your dignity and self-esteem. So, you should set boundaries for your wellbeing.

Respect is what is owed to each person as such, recognizing their value and dignity. Unfortunately, social interactions are quite different. The number of people who disrespect others with deeply offensive words and behaviour is constantly increasing. The stories of violence, physical and psychological, are always more present in professional and personal relationships.

But after all, do you have to swallow the disrespect of others? Keep reading this article and learn how to set boundaries on people.

Why shouldn’t you accept disrespect and set boundaries?

Accepting and tolerating disrespect, especially if repeated, means giving the other unlimited access to our living space and the power to hurt us. Thus reinforcing the message that this person can cross boundaries whenever they want.

When we want to change a situation, like getting respect, it’s prevalent to expect others to change and eventually respect us. But the real change must take place within us. We cannot expect others to care about our wellbeing.

Self-knowledge is a tool that helps to understand how we behave in the face of a lack of respect (and not only). For example, although people often disrespect us even though we set boundaries, it could be because they feel empowered.

Therefore, understanding what kind of behaviour caused the disrespect of others will help to take the necessary steps and change them.

What makes people disrespect you.

Let’s look at some behaviours that can cause people to be disrespectful so that you can replace them and earn respect from others.

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1) Don’t set boundaries.

Don’t set boundaries. If you allow the other person to cross the line and never say anything, they’ll think you don’t care. And, in this way, we collect fears and anger because we believe that the person must realize that they are going beyond the limits, disrespecting us. 

However, we are the ones who must pause and set boundaries. For example, suppose you allow the other person to cross the line and never say anything. In that case, they will think everything is permitted and will not respect you.

That is why it is so important to communicate clearly, to tell the other that we are not willing to tolerate disrespect and, if necessary, to impose consequences.

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2) Trying to impose your opinion.

Some people believe that their point of view is trustworthy and want to impose on others.

While we all have full rights to express our opinion, it is inconceivable to think of using our influence to force our “truth” on others. People who don’t respect the views of others are not respected.

3) You Don’t value yourself.

Reach to midlife is not an easy game. We have to deal with a lot of challenges. However, that is the time to stop taking care of others and start to think about ourselves.

You deserve good things too! So give yourself the importance you deserve. At least once, try; it doesn’t mean to be selfish, but to love yourself. If you always put yourself in second place, it won’t be easy to earn the respect of others.

4) Lack of Integrity.

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics we can and should have. People of integrity are ethically noble, educated, honourable and always respected. But, on the other hand, nobody trusts a person who tries to take advantage of others, is always late, doesn’t keep his word, etc.

The key to acting with integrity is defining your values ​​and respecting them. Integrity is a set of values such as authenticity, honesty, loyalty, uprightness, truth, sincerity, gratitude, trust, responsibility, courage, consistency, determination, respect, patience.

5) Not keeping promises.

Whether the promise is trivial or very important, the commitment we make when we say we will do something should be enough to take responsibility for it.

Therefore, when we make promises to others or ourselves, and we don’t commit, we lose credibility and respect. We also lose self-confidence because we are convinced that we cannot do what we would have liked or had promised.

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